When I got off the bus on the evening of December 2, there was a single tricycle waiting at the entrance of the provincial road that would lead me home. Its LED lights shined brightly as the driver waited silently in the dark. I approached him and asked, Can you bring me to Sitio…
Memory, Brush Pen Magic, and Writing Anlong from Afar
Retreating at Home, Metaphysical Hitchhiking, and Designing Your Life
Calling People to a State of Depth, a Hike to Mt. Kulis, and Shin’ichirō Imaoka's Free Religion
Metaphysics and Our Pursuit of Belonging, I Ching for Agnostics, and Walking Out of Our Source Into a Wilderness of Compassion
Some Footsteps in the Valley of Grief
The Myth of the Analytic–Continental Divide, Experience Before Explanation, and Photography as Meditation
Henry Bugbee's Meditations on Faith, Thoreau's Writing Routine, and Rofel Brion's Carefree Poetry
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The Living Philosophy
The Living Philosophy
The Living Philosophy
Photo Meditations
Photo Meditations
George Bothamley

The Long Walk